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About PDM

Geomembrane is a waterprof membrane that solves effectively problems with humidity and increases life comfort in the building. Its strong and flexible dimples resist against the mechanical impacts caused by the back filling of the ground avoiding any kind of damage on the surface of the waterproofing layer. The air gapcreated by the dimples of Geomembrane between the ground and building parts like basement walls or floors is ideal for all kinds of drainage.

The dimples of Geomembrane resist against compressions even higher than 180kNm² keeping continuously an air gap of 5,3l/m² between the walls or floors of the building and itself. This space is big enough for the drainage of the rain or ground water, as well as for the evaporation of humidity if supported with a suitable system of ventilation.

You can found the Geomembrane PDM in two colours black and brown.


Protection of basement walls and foundations

The underground parts of buildings must be protected against damp and ground water and this is necessary for a comfortable and also safety reasons. When rust affects the reinforcement of the concrete the structure system is also damaged and this can be dangerous for the stability of the building especially in critical situations like earthquakes. Therefore, foundations and basements have to be waterproofed. Moreover, the waterproofing materials are very sensitive. If not properly protected, they are under the risk of being damaged during the back-filling of the building site. Geomembrane's tough but flexible body absorbs mechanical impacts of ground parts like stones and gravel and prevents any such damage on the waterproofing layer even if they might hit the wall. During the life-time of the building Geomembrane continues to protect the underground walls also against the attacks of roots and most chemicals which might be harmful for underground building parts.

Internal repair of wall damages caused by dump and humidity

If basements are not correctly waterproofed from outside, the walls get mouldy and the damage of the humidity cannot be repaired by repainting or plastering from inside. If Geomembrane is applied together with a new layer of plaster or gypsum board,the final surface of the wall remains clean and smooth.

Internal repair of floor damages caused by dump and humidity

Mould is a problem also for ground slabs. If no waterproofing is made during the construction period, damages and deformations appear on finishing layers of ground slabs caused by humidity. Geomembrane is the ideal material for the internal damp-proofing of floors, because it can resist not only against humidity but also against vertical loads,as Geomembrane's 8mm high dimples do not squash down. So, a continuous air gap is provided between the existing and the new floor, which can be also ventilated at wall flashings.

Protection from ground slabs against humidity coming from the ground

Even if concrete slabs for open areas are coated with materials like asphalt, they have to be protected against the humidity coming from the ground. The dump-proofing layer must be also resistant against impacts, compression and tearing otherwise it can easily be damaged during the construction works for the application of the ground slab.


Geomembrane is easy for installation independently from the atmospheric conditions. It is not a heavy material and its very suitable for transportation and transfer. Its used as bedpan concrete, saves a significant assets, and it shortens the process of construction.


Geomembrane is made of HDPE for whom we know that 85% of its contents can be recycled. Chemicaly is inert, so there is no product or compounds that can activate it and make any reactions.


After it’s set, the Geomembrane provides:

  • Mechanical protection of the waterproofing material
  • Humidity protection of the construction
  • Drainage of atmospheric water in the basement walls
  • Provides drying of the moisture from the outside of the construction
  • Improves the sound insulation and the thermos insulation
  • 30 years guarantee of the material under normal conditions
  • It can be put into the construction independently from the atmospheric conditions and after it is set, immediately starts in function

About us

Prestol Grup is founded in the year of 2007. Our primаry business activity is trade with granulate. As we follow the global trend of the building engineering and the demand of the building companies, we’ve decided for enlarging the company and creating products assortment for building constructions that are becoming necessary for proper and save protection for your project.

Our main product is Prestol Dimpled Membrane-PDM, membrane which is made of high quality HDPE, and it is proved with it’s quality on the market of the waterproof materials.

Our employees, which are significant part from the production process, are properly trained, so that the production process can runs smoothly without any mistakes, so that the final product PDM could be with high quality and without anomalies.

Whether we talk about your home or some bigger project, with our knowledge, experience and already proved product, we can provide the best protection for your project. We work successfully with many countries from the region and others like, Italy, Greece, Albania, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria etc.

Prestol Grup is a follower company of the Kofriz company, family business which is founded in the year of 1990.Kofriz is a company that already 25 years is a leading company on the market in Macedonia and wider in production of different types of heaters. Our long years of experience is a warranty for the professionalism of our employees and superior quality of all of our products that we are producing. Our heaters have a very wide range of usage in almost every industry where appropriate heating and control heating is need (plastic industry, chemical and food industry, in the industry of shoes etc.)

Our ideology is not to be good in our branch, but the best in the production of building materials and waterproof protection, with one goal, to offer You, our clients, the best protection for your projects and homes, and we tend to it

Prestol Grup.
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